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Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God….Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.

Romans 13:1, 8

The weary-word of the day is Zoom! 1. Traffic is light and you can zoom up 620. 2. Drive-throughs are getting faster; Drive-in movies could come back; drive-in churches are a thing; drive-by birthday parties are legit! 2. I often end up zooming the wrong way on one-way grocery aisles. 3. The new family craft of choice is making masks and then modeling them IN PUBLIC?! 4. I keep a black bandana hanging from the rear-view and my wife has a red one! It’s like we are in rival gangs, but we are still able to worship together in our bandanas without a mortal incident!  For the record: wearing a mask is REALLY uncomfortable to me (PRO TIP: it is easier to breathe in a bandana than many masks)

In spite of all the corona-craziness, Hope Rock leadership is committed to compliance with our governing authorities and to love (see verse above). We have participated on many zoom calls with local/state pastors, the Lakeway mayor, the Lt. Governor, the TX Governor, and soon the TX Attorney General in an effort to navigate this crisis with wisdom and love. We are blessed to live in a state with a governor and lieutenant governor who understand and openly declare the value of local churches gathering live during this time.  

As soon as we learned that Governor Abbott was implementing Phase 1 to reopen the economy and heard his heart-felt encouragement to the churches to find safe ways to gather publicly, we met with our leadership and developed what we believe is a safe and loving plan to allow limited meetings together.  We trust our church family to do what is best for them and their families and look forward to unrestricted worship in the future!

The Body of Christ needs to worship together; we need to meet together; we need to pray together; we need to sit under the preaching of the word together. We need fellowship with each other more now than ever.  It was unexpectedly refreshing to see the joy in the eyes (#whoneedslipgloss) of our Hope Rock family as we worshipped in our new space and talked and laughed on the sidewalk after church.  Masks faded into the shadow of the brilliant light of being together in community! 

Owe no one anything, except to love each otherWe all have our own responses and levels of comfort during these coronavirus circumstances and that is OK because love is bigger and more powerful.  One thing is certain: I love to be with the people of Hope Rock Church, so much so, that wearing my bandana becomes a very small price to pay to be with as many of you as is currently possible in our blessed new worship space. If I have to wear a mask for the rest of my life to worship with you in person, I will wear it (masks will go away thankfully and we will continue to live-stream our services)!  I hate wearing masks but love being with y’all!  (Continue to help Marco pronounce Y’all)

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