01/22/23 – Revelation Series – Armageddon

7 Bowls
7 Bowls
01/22/23 - Revelation Series - Armageddon

Movies, books, and entertainment have continually fed our imagination on the subject of “Armageddon”. Perhaps many of us have subconsciously allowed those things to form our understanding of what Armageddon means. You certainly won’t find a shortage of theology on this subject either!

One thing we must know is that God is the Lord who judges all. Throughout history, He has judged evil and those who commit it. In the present day, He continues to bring his judgment down, often when people (and the spiritual powers) least expect it. And one day, He will put everything right. God is perfect in being both full of justice and mercy. He gives grace but He does not let us do whatever we want.