03/20/22 – The Righteous Savior

Easter 2022
Easter 2022
03/20/22 - The Righteous Savior

After Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a lowly donkey instead of a majestic stallion, as the oppressed nation of Israel and his disciples had hoped, our conquering King went to the temple where his heart was broken and his zeal for the nations stirred.  This Sunday we looked at the unmatched passion of Jesus to give people like us unobstructed access to the heart of the Father. 

Not only did Jesus remove the religious robbers from the temple courts who set up barriers to God, but he also removed the greatest barrier between us and the righteous Father.  Jesus the creator and sustainer of all creation is our Righteous Savior and the only hope for the oppressed and outcast who are cut off from the life of God!