5 Priorities

Hope Rock Church
5 Priorities

Matthew 25 the parable of talents and Luke 16 the parable of the shrewd manager, we find a fascinating picture of five capitals.The parable of the talents in Matthew 25 helps us to understand that God has entrusted so much to us and He expects a return. People may not have the same level of capacity in each of the five areas, but with the capitals in the right order the potential for God to do mighty things through anyone and everyone is the same.God has invested so much in us and He desires that we grow his investment and give it away, believing a greater return will come back to us only to then be invested again. Building on the message of the parable of the talents, we believe there are five capitals from Heaven available to us and that the order matters. The parable of the shrewd manager in Luke 16 gives us insight into the correct order of priority for these capitals. If we keep them in the right order, grow them and give them away, we will experience a maximum return on these investments and the potential to truly find “life to the fullest”.

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