02/13/22 – Revelation Series – Sardis

Hope Rock Church
Hope Rock Church
02/13/22 - Revelation Series - Sardis

There are a few things I would not like to hear from Jesus when He addresses us as one of His churches, one of them, in fact, probably at the top of the “I don’t want to ever hear that list” is this,

Revelation 3:1 (ESV) 1…“ ‘I know your works. You have the reputation of being alive, but you are dead.

BOOM! Man, how do you come back from that? Well, unfortunately, that is exactly what Jesus had to say to our next church, the church in Sardis. What does it mean to be a “dead” church, how do churches can get there (including ours), and what we can do to avoid ever becoming a “dead” church?