Podcast: Acts

Acts 23 – Our Hope

This Sunday we looked at how even in Paul’s day discrimination was rife. Its not new but the only hope we have to overcome this issue is the unity that can only be found in the Cross.

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Acts 22

This week we learn three things that we need to remember in order to operate obedience.

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Acts 21

What if the way forward for you includes chains or imprisonment, would you go? Paul did.

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The Whole Counsel of God

This week as we dive into Acts 20 and look at Paul’s reminder to the Ephesian Elders what it means to be a NT church, we are equally reminded what it means to be e NT church in the midst of a global pandemic.

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Acts 17 – Purpose

This week we learn how God sets us intentionally both in a “time and place” with purpose but also for a purpose. The purpose – To Find Him!

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Acts 16

This week we learn from Paul, Silas, Timothy that whilst being “comfortable in our discomfort” may seem impossible, it, in fact, isn’t, when we are in Christ.

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Acts 15 – Unity

This week Jeremy unpacks Acts 15 and reminds us how God is looking to be in a relationship with us and not in a “religion” with us!

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Acts 13 – A Pioneering Church

This past Sunday we looked at the first long-distance preaching tour undertaken by Paul and Barnabas. This required a pioneering faith one that we will need to reach the city and the nations God is calling us too!

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Acts 10 – Crossing Barriers

This week we see how both, Peter and the Roman Centurion Cornelius took steps of risky faith and how that faith ultimately proved to be the very thing that God used to make the Gospel accessible to the gentiles.

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