Podcast: Dangerous Prayers

Lord Send Me // Lee Rutter

We all have responses to God when we pray. Some of us say, “send someone else.” Some of us say, “don’t send me.” Find out what the proper response for believers should be in this important message.

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Lord Fill Me // Jeremy Self

Many people come to know Jesus and begin following Him. And, they don’t know that being filled with the Holy Spirit is an important part of following Jesus. And, most people experience a certain level of discomfort or even fear of the Holy Spirit. Find out more in this message.

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Lord Draw Me Close // Jeremy Self

Nothing could be a more dangerous prayer more than the prayer we prayed in this message: “Lord, draw me close to you.” Because when we get close to God, we can’t help but experience some discomfort. There are things about us that don’t line up with God and when we get close to him there

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