Series: Genesis

Genesis Series – Genesis 3:2-7 – The Fall

This week we continue in chapter 3 as we dive deeper into the deception used by the enemy (that ultimately led to the fall). While we look at the fall we will also try to develop some behaviors that will help us all, withstand, and resist the enemy’s lines of attack!

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Genesis Series – Genesis 3:1 – The Snake

This Sunday in week 5 of our Genesis series we are going to lay a solid biblical foundation of the snake in Genesis chapter 3 i.e. Who was behind the snake’s actions, where did he come from and what does that mean for us today?

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Genesis Series – Genesis 2:18-25 – Man & Woman

This is week 4 of our Genesis series and we unpack the God-designed relationship between man and women and in particular marriage. We leave no stone unturned as we get to understand the all-out attack that the enemy has towards marriage as well as the strategies he deploys in attacking it

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Genesis Series – Genesis 2:1-17 – Echoes of Eden

This Sunday we dived into chapter 2 of Genesis, we finished off with day 7 of creation and took a deeper look at Gods “rest” and how although He may be “resting”, He is still working. We also looked at Eden and learn about our nature, how God intended for us to live (in His

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Genesis Series – Genesis 1:2-31 – Creation

This Sunday, we continued with our Genesis series and unpacked the rest of chapter 1 and in particular, creation. What’s clear throughout creation, is God loves us more than anything else in this world! In fact, we are the pinnacle of His creation, something we should never forget.

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