Podcast: Genesis

03/14/21 – Genesis Series – Joseph, Jesus & Sovereignty

We wrap up our time in Genesis looking at the life of Joseph and how his faith in the sovereign, infinite, love of God and the future promise of grace in Christ sustained him through unimaginable circumstances.  Where is the love of God when we are hurting?  We only need to look back to the

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02/28/21 – Genesis Series – Issac

We continue our journey in the 2nd half of Genesis and will unpack the unfolding of God’s promise to Abraham as well as his promise to us in the form of the “seed”. We also meet a new character “Isaac” and will discover one of the most beautiful illustrations of the Gospel in all of

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02/08/21 – Genesis Series – Genesis 9-11 – Babel

Looking at how humanity (through one small family) developed after the judgment of the flood, and considering the events of the flood, you would think, that things would now be different? Unfortunately, as we will discover, that’s not the case, because once again, humanity returns to its sinful state, and it’s in this state that

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01/24/21 – Genesis Series – Genesis 7 – The Flood

We discover that the judgment that was promised to Noah, through the flood, most certainly arrives and in full force. Yet it’s also in the moment when the world received it’s judgment, that Noah receives his “Assurance.” We also see what assurance means to us as Christ-followers in the times we are living in.

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