Podcast: History, Heart and Handles


In a world where we have access to so much information and access to so many programs, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of being connected to a local church & considering that Gods promises are released through Gods people being planted is key. Listen as Marco unpacks how God has

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This week as we continue to unpack where the Lord is taking CLT, we hone in on Acts 1:8 and in particular the main thing that needs to inform any program or ministry that we undertake.

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This Sunday we are in part 2 of our History, Heart and Handles series. Join us, as Marco unpacks Acts ‘2:42-47’ and uses the early church’s devotions to remind us of the importance of these devotions and importantly their application for us, in order to walk into all that the Lord has in store for

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H3 Overview

Join Marco as he unpacks in this 4 part series where the church has been, where it’s going and importantly how we will get there.

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