Podcast: First: The order is important . . .

Relationships Matter

In reality there is very little one can accomplish without working alongside and engaging with others. Creating positive and collaborative relationships builds trust over time, bringing joy and fulfillment to all involved. That’s why relational capital comes in second in our study of the Five Capitals.

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Physical and Intellectual Capital

When we are under the stress of life, do we run to self-help books or podcasts? Where do we look for wisdom when we need it? How we spend our time and energy may impact our relational and spiritual life more than we would like to admit. If we don’t spend this time and energy wisely,

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Big Bucks

We will revisit Luke 16 story, and will see how relational priority is more important than financial capital. Jesus encourages us to recognize the relative value of each priority and invest wisely. We will also see how wisdom plays a part in this whole order of priorities as well.

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5 Priorities

Matthew 25 the parable of talents and Luke 16 the parable of the shrewd manager, we find a fascinating picture of five capitals.The parable of the talents in Matthew 25 helps us to understand that God has entrusted so much to us and He expects a return. People may not have the same level of capacity in

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