Podcast: Power of a Purpose

08/01/21 – Power for a Purpose – Empowered

We are at the end of July and it seems like Texas is finally heating up! We had the final installment of our Power for a Purpose series (for now) and we ended it off with a bang! The power that Jesus promised us ensures that we don’t just need to “get through” this life,

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07/25/21 – Power For a Purpose – Anointing

Over the last three weeks, we have been in our Series “Power for A Purpose” which has focused our attention on the Holy Spirit and as we start to draw this short series to a close, join us on Sunday for our penultimate installment – Anointed. The fact is, the anointing is one of the most critical aspects

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07/18/21 – Power for a Purpose – The Gifts

If you have ever looked at a child’s face on their birthday or on Christmas morning, you will immediately notice a sparkle in their eyes, a sense of excitement and expectation! Why, well because intuitively they know that they will be getting gifts. What’s more, no child has to be enticed or persuaded to open and

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07/11/21 – Power for a Purpose – Being filled with the Holy Spirit

We continue with our “Power for a Purpose” Series. In this next installment, we will be taking a look at “Being Filled with the Spirit” and in that, unpack some of the questions that you may have around this i.e., – What does it mean to be “Filled”?– Do we need to be “Filled by the Spirit”– When does it happen?– Can it

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07/04/21 – Power for a Purpose

Acts 1:8 (ESV) But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you… Before Jesus left this earth, He promised his followers power, the power that ultimately came in the form of the Holy Spirit. That same power is accessible to us today but what’s more, it’s not just power, it’s power for a purpose! Our new series

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