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How to lead a church meeting

How To Lead a Meeting

Asked to lead a church meeting? This booklet is a great resource to help you know both the heart, theology and the practicalities of what it means to lead a meeting.

Prayer and Fasting 2023

This booklet provides a short intro for prayer and then highlights the topics for what we as a church are praying into for 2023.

Gifted: Discover Your Superpowers

Romans 12 lists seven “motivational gifts” that God gives to his people, in order to further fulfil the purposes of His Kingdom here on earth. This devotional unpacks these seven gifts and helps you to get on the journey of discovering the gifts God has for you and the unique way He has made you.

Equipping Leaders

Scripture has a lot to say about leadership. There is a way to lead that brings life, unity, teamwork, and forward-movement. Then there is a way that brings death.