Marco Broccardo

05/23/21 – The Gospel – Bearing Fruit

In this final installment, we look at what it means to bear fruit, what fruit should look like, and in so doing be able to identify God-honoring fruit from fruit that is not God-honoring at all.

05/16/21 – The Gospel – Making Disciples

This week we looked at how the Gospel and “Making Disciples” are inextricably linked with each other, which means that even though “Making Disciples” can be hard, uncomfortable, or outside of our comfort zone, it is the last command that Jesus left us before His ascension so it needs to be done.

05/03/21 – The Gospel – Avoiding The Counterfeit

Last week Sunday we introduced and kicked off our short series “The Gospel” and laid down a foundation of what the Gospel is according to scripture. This Sunday we continued the series by looking at the other side and examine what the counterfeit Gospel looks like. 

4/25/21 The Gospel

This Sunday we kicked off a new short series on “The Gospel”.  And whilst you may think that “The Gospel” is one thing that most believers (and the world even) should understand or at least have heard about, on closer inspection you will realize that the true Gospel of God is not often presented the way we …

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Easter 2021 – 03/28/21 – He Is In Us

We are moving ahead with the next installment of our Easter series and will be unpacking this concept of “Christ In Us” and what it means for us as Christ-followers in both the time and place that we find ourselves living in. MP3 to come

01/24/21 – Genesis Series – Genesis 7 – The Flood

We discover that the judgment that was promised to Noah, through the flood, most certainly arrives and in full force. Yet it’s also in the moment when the world received it’s judgment, that Noah receives his “Assurance.” We also see what assurance means to us as Christ-followers in the times we are living in.

11/29/20 – Advent – Hope

As we enter the season of Advent we start with Hope. In Isaiah 9 we see a prophetic declaration of the Hope to come from Heaven to Earth.

10/25/30 – Genesis Series – Genesis 3:2-7 – The Fall

This week we continue in chapter 3 as we dive deeper into the deception used by the enemy (that ultimately led to the fall). While we look at the fall we will also try to develop some behaviors that will help us all, withstand, and resist the enemy’s lines of attack!

10/18/20 – Genesis Series – Genesis 3:1 – The Snake

This Sunday in week 5 of our Genesis series we are going to lay a solid biblical foundation of the snake in Genesis chapter 3 i.e. Who was behind the snake’s actions, where did he come from and what does that mean for us today?

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