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01/16/22 – Revelation – Seven Churches Week 2 Ephesus

We are forging ahead with our journey through the book of Revelation by looking at the first of 7 Churches mentioned in “The Letter to the 7 Churches” – Ephesus.  Revelation 2:2–4 (ESV) 2 “ ‘I know your works, your toil and your patient endurance, and how you cannot bear with those who are evil, but have tested those who call themselves apostles …

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11/28/21 – Advent – Hope

We are starting our Advent 2021 Series with Hope. We explored how our hope is not in a situation, circumstance, or even material possessions but in a person- Jesus.

10/24/21 – Kingdom Values – Solus Christus

For centuries people have been trying to “reach” God through religious systems, works, priests, or charismatic leaders. The fact, however, is, there is no person, government, or system that can (nor should) ever take the place of the Savior of the World.

10/17/21 – Kingdom Values – Sola Fide

This Sunday we looked at Sola Fide, Faith Alone. We looked at three areas of faith: The Christian life is a life of faith, secondly, while faith is important, works are a part of God’s plan, and finally, our faith can and should increase.

09/26/21 – Kingdom Values – A Modern Day Reformation

We have started a “Series Within A Series” as we prepare to celebrate Reformation Month. We started off this series by looking back at what the Reformation was & why it was needed in the first place and then compare that reality with the state that the church currently finds itself in today. All of which, will prepare us to ask ourselves the question, “Is it perhaps time, …

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07/11/21 – Power for a Purpose – Being filled with the Holy Spirit

We continue with our “Power for a Purpose” Series. In this next installment, we will be taking a look at “Being Filled with the Spirit” and in that, unpack some of the questions that you may have around this i.e., – What does it mean to be “Filled”?– Do we need to be “Filled by the Spirit”– When does it happen?– Can it …

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07/04/21 – Power for a Purpose

Acts 1:8 (ESV) But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you… Before Jesus left this earth, He promised his followers power, the power that ultimately came in the form of the Holy Spirit. That same power is accessible to us today but what’s more, it’s not just power, it’s power for a purpose! Our new series …

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05/23/21 – The Gospel – Bearing Fruit

In this final installment, we look at what it means to bear fruit, what fruit should look like, and in so doing be able to identify God-honoring fruit from fruit that is not God-honoring at all.

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